Fifth Meeting

Date: November 29- December 3, 2010
Location : Institut Fourier, Grenoble, France

Participants: M. Bouznif, J. Darlay, F. Foucaud, S. Gravier, M. Kovse, R. Naserasr, A. Parreau, P. Valicov.

This meeting was discussions on open problems. We were interested in the following problems :

1. Infinite trap

2. 2-edge coloured hypergraphs

3. IC in chordal graphs (interval,...) and line graphs

4. IC in fractal graphs

5. Watching systems

6. Polyhedral approach

7. lid-chromatic number for planar graphs

8. Algorithms for recognize twin-free graphs

9. FPT

10. IC in directed graph

We've specially worked on :

Problem 3 : we tried to study interval graphs by using the MPQ-tree structure, we found some lower bounds and some complexity results on this class

Problem 4 : we've studied IC in the fractacl graphs of C4 and C5

Problem 6 : we worked on the row families inequalities

Problem 7 : we found some complexity results for lid-coloring in planar graphs

Problem 8 : solved

The project?



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