Kick-off Meeting

Date: February 19-20, 2009
Location : room 178, LaBRI, Bordeaux, France

Schedule of the meeting


  • 9h-10h: R. Klasing - "notes from Paris meeting"
  • 10h-12h: S. Gravier and G. Zemor - "survey"
  • 12h30: lunch
  • 14h-18h: open discussion - tasks, postdoc, web, next meeting (Grenoble)
  • 20h: dinner

Friday morning

  • 9h-12h30: open discussion - hot research topics.

Minutes of the meeting

Participants: L. Beaudou, O. Delmas, P. Dorbec, L. Esperet, F. Foucaud, S. Gravier, R. Klasing, M. Montassier, A. Parreau, A. PÍcher, A. Raspaud, E. Sopena, G. Zemor


  • 9h-10h30, R. Klasing: feedback from Paris meeting about "DEFIS 2008" (informations from the ANR and from the support structure) - structure support = INRIA SUPCOR, our project is 3 years long from 2009 to 2011 (instead of 4 years), funds = 242 KEuros, postdoc = 18 months (Grenoble) and 25 months (Bordeaux), workshop organization = 17 KEuros, project can be extended for 3 to 6 months (if justified) - Presentation of DEFIS program's objectives - selection rate: 13/49 - average funds by project = 500 KEuros - continuous evaluation = check if recommendations are taken into account - based on: mid-terms deliverables, colloquiums, visits, communications (publications, medias), ANR wiki ... - mid-terms reports = 6 months and 18 months - there are a mid-term evaluation and a final one: principles = 2h/project, site visit (ANR + experts) - Colloquium evaluation: results communication, prospective, contribution to scientific community - always mention ANR support in IDEA publications - ANR Number of the project = ANR-08-EMER-007 - material for presentations should include the ANR Logo availwable on ANR website
  • 10h30-12h, S. Gravier: Identifying codes - a survey - survey of elementary results about identifying codes : logarithmic natural lower bound - tights graphs w.r.t. this lower bound - caracterization of graphs tights for upper bound n-1 still open - identifying codes and hypergraphs - gives a generalization of identifying codes of graphs, error correcting codes of graphs ... - open problem for k-uniform, k-regular hypergraphs - relationship with Hanoi towers game - easy open questions: cartesian product of cycles and existence of (1,<=l) codes, cartesian product of 2 cliques, cartesian cube of a clique
  • 14h30-16h, G. Zemor: Variations of identifying codes - generalized identifyng codes for subsets of vertices (I(X,C)) of size at most l - variation (linear time identification) - matricial reformulation: some superimposed codes - Applications: group testing (labos), telecommunications (public shared channel), cover-free family - constructions of such matrices using error correcting code
  • 16h-18h, O. Delmas & M. Montassier : Roundable augmenting codes memory less - introduction of <=r code (generalization of r-code) - cycle: code of size 2 is enough - bidimensional infinite grid: no code of finite size - with memory: best is 1 full line + 1 additional vertex - challenges: introduce trade off number of rounds/size of code, multi-objective optimization, - usual identifying codes: case of circulants with set of generators of size 2


  • 9h-10h30, 'R. Klasing: project management - proposal of a HPC with Finland (S. Gravier) - 3 years: needs to revise scheduling of tasks - Task 6 is rescheduled from year 1 to year 2 - update list of members: new participants (F. Foucaud and A. Parreau: expected to be a PhD student, L. Esperet: expected to be a postdoc) - Make call for postdoctoral students - Short (6 months) postdocs ?: communicate only maximal time - mention a starting date of october? - workshop will be in 2010 - june: seminar (guest from ENST) - next meeting: Grenoble (second half of june 2009) - Tasks management update: E. Sopena takes the responsability of Task 1, 2 years (2010-2011) - Task 4 is set to high priority and Task 5 is set to medium priority
  • 10h30-12h, open discussion: open problems

The project?



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