Publications of the project (journals and refereed conference proceedings).

Published or Accepted

  • Locally identifying coloring of graphs
    L. Esperet, S. Gravier, M. Montassier, P. Ochem and A. Parreau. The Electronic Journal of Combinatorics 19(2):P40, 2012.
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  • On graph identification problems and the special case of identifying vertices using paths
    F. Foucaud and M. Kovse. Accepted at IWOCA 2012.
  • Identifying codes in line graphs
    F. Foucaud, S. Gravier, R. Naserasr, A. Parreau and P. Valicov. To appear in Journal of Graph Theory.
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  • Tolerant identification with Euclidean balls
    V. Junnila, T. Laihonen and A. Parreau. To appear in Networks.
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  • New results on variants of covering codes in Sierpinski graphs
    S. Gravier, M. Kovse, M. Mollard, J. Moncel and A. Parreau. To appear in Designs, Codes and Cryptography.
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  • Characterizing extremal digraphs for identifying codes and extremal cases of Bondy’s theorem on induced subsets
    F. Foucaud, R. Naserasr and A. Parreau. To appear in Graphs and Combinatorics.
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  • On the size of identifying codes in triangle-free graphs
    F. Foucaud, R. Klasing, A. Kosowski and A. Raspaud. Discrete Applied Mathematics 160(10-11):1532-1546, 2012.
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  • Locally identifying colourings for graphs with given maximum degree
    F. Foucaud, I. Honkala, T. Laihonen, A. Parreau and G. Perarnau. Discrete Mathematics 312(10):1832-1837, 2012.
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  • Bounds on identifying codes in terms of degree parameters
    F. Foucaud and G. Perarnau. The Electronic Journal of Combinatorics 19:P32, 2012.
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  • Network Verification via Routing Table Queries
    E. Bampas, D. Bilo, G. Drovandi, L. Gualŕ, R. Klasing and G. Proietti. Proc. 18th International Colloquium on Structural Information and Communication Complexity (SIROCCO 2011), June 26-29, 2011, Gdansk, Poland, Lecture Notes in Computer Science, vol. 6796, Springer 2011, pp. 270-281.
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  • On two variations of identifying codes
    O. Delmas, S. Gravier, M. Montassier and A. Parreau. Discrete Mathematics 311(17):1948-1956, 2011.
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  • Adaptive Identification in Torii in the King Lattice
    Y. Ben-Haim, S. Gravier, A. Lobstein and J. Moncel. The Electronic Journal of Combinatorics 18(1):P116, 2011.
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  • On perfect codes in Cartesian products of graphs
    M. Mollard. European Journal of Combinatorics 32(3):398-403, 2011.
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  • Extremal graphs for the identifying code problem
    F. Foucaud, E. Guerrini, M. Kovše, R. Naserasr, A. Parreau and P. Valicov. European Journal of Combinatorics 32(4):628-638, 2011.
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Submitted preprints

  • Adaptive Identification in Torii in Triangular Grids
    M. Kovse and P. Stanet. Submitted for publication.
    [ preprint ]
  • An improved lower bound for (1,<=2)-identifying codes in the king grid
    F. Foucaud, T. Laihonen and A. Parreau. Submitted for publication.
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  • On domination of Cartesian product of directed cycles
    M. Mollard. Submitted for publication.
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